The following shipping methods are supported by the API where a “shipping_method” parameter is used. Some services may not be available on your account or in your area but all services are listed for completeness.

FedEx Services

Code Description
fedex_FIRST_OVERNIGHT FedEx First Overnight®
fedex_PRIORITY_OVERNIGHT FedEx Priority Overnight®
fedex_STANDARD_OVERNIGHT FedEx Standard Overnight®
fedex_FEDEX_2_DAY_AM FedEx 2Day® A.M.
fedex_FEDEX_2_DAY FedEx 2Day®
fedex_FEDEX_EXPRESS_SAVER FedEx Express Saver®
fedex_FEDEX_GROUND FedEx Ground®
fedex_GROUND_HOME_DELIVERY FedEx Home Delivery®
fedex_SMART_POST FedEx SmartPost®
fedex_INTERNATIONAL_FIRST FedEx International First®
fedex_INTERNATIONAL_PRIORITY FedEx International Priority®
fedex_INTERNATIONAL_ECONOMY FedEx International Economy®
fedex_INTERNATIONAL_GROUND FedEx International Ground®

UPS Services

Code Description
ups_01 UPS Next Day Air
ups_14 UPS Next Day Air Early
ups_13 UPS Next Day Air Saver
ups_02 UPS 2nd Day Air
ups_59 UPS 2nd Day Air A.M.
ups_12 UPS 3 Day Select
ups_03 UPS Ground
ups_11 UPS Standard
ups_08 UPS Worldwide Expedited
ups_07 UPS Worldwide Express
ups_54 UPS Worldwide Express Plus
ups_65 UPS Worldwide Saver
ups_72 UPS Worldwide Economy DDP
ups_17 UPS Worldwide Economy DDU
ups_SP UPS SurePost
ups_M2 UPS First Class Mail Innovations
ups_M3 UPS Priority Mail Innovations
ups_M4 UPS Parcel Select Mail Innovations
ups_M5 UPS Priority Mail Innovations International
ups_M6 UPS Economy Mail Innovations International
ups_70 UPS Access Point™ Economy

USPS Methods

Code Description
usps_US-FC USPS First-Class
usps_US-FCI USPS First-Class International
usps_US-LM USPS Library Mail
usps_US-MM USPS Media Mail
usps_US-PS USPS Ground Advantage
usps_US-PM USPS Priority Mail
usps_US-PMI USPS Priority Mail International
usps_US-XM USPS Priority Mail Express
usps_US-EMI USPS Priority Mail Express International

Amazon Merchant Fulfillment

Code Description
amazon_ANY Amazon Merchant Fulfillment
amazon_Standard Amazon Standard Delivery
amazon_FreeEconomy Amazon Free Economy
amazon_SecondDay Amazon Two-Day Delivery
amazon_NextDay Amazon One-Day Delivery
amazon_Expedited Amazon Expedited Delivery

OnTrac Services

Code Description
ontrac_S OnTrac Sunrise
ontrac_C OnTrac Ground
ontrac_DC OnTrac Same Day

LaserShip Services

Code Description
lasership_NextDay LaserShip NextDay

GLS Services

Code Description
gls_Ground GLS Ground
gls_PriorityOvernight GLS Priority Overnight
gls_EarlyPriorityOvernight GLS Early Priority Overnight
gls_EarlySaturday GLS Early Saturday
gls_SaturdayDelivery GLS Saturday Delivery

“Cheapest” Methods

Code Description
cheapest_ALL Cheapest method overall
cheapest_GROUND Cheapest ground shipping method
cheapest_POSTAL Cheapest USPS or USPS last-mile shipping method
cheapest_THREE_DAY Cheapest 3-day shipping method
cheapest_TWO_DAY Cheapest 2-day shippng method
cheapest_OVERNIGHT Cheapest overnight shipping method
cheapest_ON_TIME Cheapest shipping method to arrive on-time. This requires valid “desired_delivery_date” as well.


The External Shipping Methods are user defined whithin ShipStream. This list is not exhaustive, but instead exemplifies how all External Shipping Method codes are prefixed with external_ . For External Shipping Method codes used by your 3PL please contact your represintative.

Code Description
external_ltl LTL
external_ltl_thirdparty LTL - Third Party