The following units of measure are supported by the API for any property with a “_unit” suffix. If a unit is not specified for a create or update operation then the default unit will be used.


Code Description
lb Pounds
oz Ounces
kg Kilograms
g Grams


Code Description
in Inches
cm Centimeters
mm Millimeters


Code Description
in^3 Cubic inches (in³)
cm^3 Cubic centimeters (cm³)
mm^3 Cubic millimeters (mm³)

Dimensional Divisor

Code Description
in^3/lb Cubic inches per pound (in³/lb)
in^3/oz Cubic inches per ounce (in³/oz)
cm^3/kg Cubic centimeters per kilogram (cm³/kg)
cm^3/g Cubic centimeters per gram (cm³/g)
mm^3/kg Cubic millimeters per kilogram (mm³/kg)
mm^3/g Cubic millimeters per gram (mm³/g)